Do you have a Business Idea

that aims to make a positive impact on people or the planet?

Vlog about it and tell us how you are going to


If we think your idea is the best one of all, we will award you with your very own IFZA Dubai Free Zone Business License Package to help kickstart your business.

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Business Idea

Is the idea unique?

Is the idea viable?


Social Relevance

How well does the idea highlight a social need?

How well does the idea provide an effective solution?


Creative Presentation

How well planned and executed is the video storytelling?

Are there creative elements in terms of editing, music or content?


Visual / Emotional Impact

How well planned and executed is the video storytelling?

Are there creative elements in terms of editing, music or content?


Total Score

0 %


Phase 1: Qualifier

Indicate your interest by filling out the official form at

Upload a video of your winning business idea for good on Instagram, Facebook and/or LinkedIn.


Click here for a sample video


Make sure your account is set to public for the judges to view your video.

Make sure your post contains the following hashtags:






Phase 2: Mentorship

20 shortlisted candicates will be contacted and invited to the next round.

All shortlisted candidates will be provided mentorship classes by industry experts. Participation is not required but highly encouraged.

The in-person classes will be conducted across 1 weekend at Rove Hotels.

Phase 3: Final Round

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to create the final pitch that will market their business idea and product/services to their target audience. 


#RoveWithNikon Studio will be available for free for a maximum 2 hours of use per concept on a first come, first served basis. Nikon cameras will also be available for loan. The final video must be created using Nikon cameras.

what you can win

IFZA Business License
with 1 Visa Allocation

IFZA Business Startup Support



Website and Marketing Assistance

Letswork Membership

3 Months

Use of Rove Meeting Rooms

up to 10 sessions


Sign Up and Submission of Initial Entries
Announcement of Shortlisted Entries
Mentorship Sessions
Submission of Final Entries
Announcement of Winners
17 October – 6 November 2021
16 November 2021
19-20 November 2021
21 November – 5 December 2021
10 December 2021

Official Entry Portal for BIZ FOR GOOD - A Pitch Vlog Competition powered by IFZA in collaboration with Nikon MEA, Rove Hotels and letswork.

Before filling out this form, please make sure that you read the official Terms & Conditions here.​