Client Engagement Manager

IFZA is hiring for the position of Client Engagement Manager. The successful applicant will be responsible for building and developing relationships with Professional Partners as well as driving the successful sales of IFZA licenses and products.

Administrative Assistant

The role of an Administrative Assistant involves performing administrative tasks to ensure efficient operation of the office.

Client Relations Officer

IFZA is hiring a Client Relations Officer to monitor and update our CRM system as well as accurately analyze the contents of a widespread of documents while still delivering exceptional customer service to ensure IFZA’s reputation and integrity.

Corporate Communications Manager

IFZA is hiring a determined, detail-oriented, skillful Corporate Communications Manager with leadership and managerial skills to build IFZA’s brand identity and online presence through the creation and dissemination of multimedia content online as well as develop content strategies while managing a content team and track growth internally.

Corporate Trainer

IFZA is looking for an experienced and accountable Corporate Trainer with industry knowledge and presentation skills to develop, design and deliver training sessions both internally and for our business partners to maintain a high level of knowledge and skills.

Housekeeping Specialist

A Private Residence located in Dubai, UAE is looking for a professional Housekeeping Specialist for a VVIP. The ideal candidate is a highly committed, responsible individual with excellent attention to detail, communication skills, and ability to work well under pressure.

Junior Zoho Developer

IFZA is hiring for the position of Junior ZOHO Software Developer. The successful applicant will be responsible for supporting the Operations Manager and other department leaders in implementing new software solutions in order to improve department processes.

Office Boy

The role of an Office Boy is centered around ensuring the efficient operation of the overall corporate working environment as per the highest standards of office cleanliness and hygiene

Photographer & Videographer

IFZA is hiring a driven, motivated Photographer and Videographer with experience to oversee all IFZA photo/video production and editing to ensure delivery of compelling, exciting storylines that engage a vast audience across multiple platforms while.

Service Desk Analyst

IFZA is hiring a driven, attentive Service Desk Analyst with great communication skills as well as interest in customer satisfaction to be the face of IFZA IT as well as the first point of contact for IT queries from IFZA employees.