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With the UAE’s thriving tourism industry and favorable weather conditions year-round, the demand for travel services continues to soar. As a prime tourist destination attracting visitors from around the globe, the UAE offers ample opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to establish travel agencies. With its world-class airports, luxury hotels, and diverse attractions, the city presents a wealth of opportunities for travel agencies to cater to both local and international clientele.

Securing a Travel Agency License in Dubai is the first step towards tapping into this lucrative market. The tourism sector in the UAE has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, with the country welcoming millions of visitors annually. According to statistics from the UAE Ministry of Economy, tourism contributed approximately AED 167 billion to the country’s GDP in 2023. Moreover, the government’s continued efforts to enhance tourism infrastructure and promote the country as a premier travel destination further bolster the prospects for travel agencies in Dubai.

Many travelers, especially those from overseas, rely on travel agencies to handle their itineraries, accommodation, and transportation arrangements. By obtaining a Travel Agency License in Dubai, entrepreneurs can position themselves as trusted partners, offering comprehensive travel services tailored to their clients’ needs.

A Closer Look:

Travel Agency Business

Activities you can do under a Travel Agency License

Many different types of activities fall under the travel agency license, such as:

  • Flight tickets
  • Flight & holiday insurance
  • Sale of holiday packages
  • Issuance of visas
  • Hotel bookings
Management Consultancy License in UAE


  • To obtain the license, the travel agent should have a valid travel agent badge issued by the DET
  • The badge is issued after completion of the travel agent ‘Recognition Programme’
  • The license must be renewed every year. This ensures the travel agent completes the refresher course every year
  • A penalty is issued if someone fails to renew their credentials for two consecutive years
UAE Travel Agency License

Documents required:

  • A registered application form
  • Copy of applicant’s original passports
  • Professional Certification Certificate / Manager’s certificate of experience
  • Secure certificate of the owner’s criminal record/certificate of ethical citizenship
  • A study report on the project’s economic and technical viability
  • No Objection letter from the Civil Aviation Authority

Steps to open a travel agency in Dubai

step to Travel Agency License Dubai
  • Step 1: Before establishing a travel agency in Dubai, it is important to know the difference between the types of travel agency licenses available. Choosing the right location is also key. This will determine if a business should be set up in the mainland or Free Zone.
  • Step 2: Getting a business license is subject to setting up an office space. Free Zones assist businesses in getting an office or setting up a virtual office, in addition to facilitating a license.
  • Step 3: Travel agents often tie up with partners and suppliers to provide a full range of services. This usually requires obtaining extra approvals from DET.
  • Step 4: After obtaining the required approvals, the next step is to gather the required documents and apply for a business license. In order to establish a travel agency, it is necessary to apply for a tourism license first. Business licenses are issued by the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET). When setting up a company in one of Dubai’s Free Zones, a license is issued by the respective Free Zone authority. Travel agency licenses also require authorization from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority
  • Step 5: The next step is to get employee visas and open a corporate bank account to conduct financial dealings. Travel agencies in Dubai commonly use two types of licenses - inbound and outbound. Depending on the types of services offered, travel agencies have the option to get either one or both of these licenses. This is subject to application approval and submission of the required documents.

How can IFZA help?

IFZA creates easy access for companies to establish their business and enables Dubai as a global hub to drive future growth of the economy as well as attract investment. IFZA Dubai provides fast and easy Free Zone company establishment with world class access to global markets.

IFZA provide numerous Free Zone company establishment benefits such as:

  • 100% ownership of commercial enterprises
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profit
  • Low taxes
  • No physical presence of the business owners is required during the company set up(incorporation) process
  • No mandatory office requirement under 4 visa allocation
  • All processes executed remotely (except medical test and Emirates ID biometrics)
  • IFZA offers a multicultural and multilingual team who can advise on business activities.
  • It offers transparent and competitive pricing
  • Professional and Commercial activities can be combined under one IFZA license
  • IFZA offers a competitive General Trading License
  • IFZA does not publicly disclose shareholders of licensed companies
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    Frequently asked questions

    01. What activities are covered under the Travel Agency License in Dubai?

    The Travel Agency License in Dubai includes different activities, including the sale of flight tickets, flight and holiday insurance, sale of holiday packages, issuance of visas, and hotel bookings

    02. What factors influence the cost of obtaining a Travel Agency License in Dubai?

    The cost of obtaining a travel agency license in Dubai depends on the size of the company and the specific activities it undertakes. Costs can vary from business to business

    03. What are the steps to open a travel agency in Dubai?

    The steps include understanding the types of travel agency licenses, choosing a suitable location (mainland or Free Zone), setting up an office, obtaining necessary approvals, applying for a business license, and securing additional approvals from DET for partnerships

    04. How is the licensing process carried out in Dubai's Free Zones?

    Free Zones assist businesses in obtaining an office or virtual office space and facilitate the licensing process. Travel agency licenses in Free Zones are issued by the respective Free Zone authority

    05. What types of licenses do travel agencies commonly use in Dubai?

    Travel agencies commonly use inbound and outbound licenses. Depending on the services offered, agencies have the option to obtain either one or both licenses, subject to application approval

    06. What are the guidelines for obtaining a travel agency license in Dubai?

    To obtain the license, a travel agent should have a valid travel agent badge issued by DTMC. The badge is issued upon completion of the travel agent 'Recognition Programme,' and the license must be renewed annually, with agents completing a refresher course each year

    07. What penalties are imposed for not renewing the travel agency license?

    A penalty is issued if a travel agent fails to renew their credentials for two consecutive years

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