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Q: What are the megatrends that have affected the way SMEs do business and how have IFZA responded to them?

Megatrends are powerful, transformative forces that change the way we do business and we have seen a rapid acceleration of a number of megatrends over the recent months.

Trend 1: Rise of flexible workspaces

Companies discovered that they don’t require vast office spaces to accommodate all employees every day. Companies want to tailor physical workspaces according to changing requirements, but within a stable infrastructure that supports thriving businesses, wherever their employees are.

IFZA’s innovative office solutions have flexibility built in so that companies can up- or downsize as needed. We provide solutions even for incubation-phase businesses. For example, fixed offices are not mandatory for basic license packages, but when required, a range of workspace options are available with high-speed connectivity to support remote working conditions. All office solutions also include meeting rooms, business services, social spaces, and ample parking.

Trend 2: Hybrid processes

Our global situation proved that businesses need to seamlessly transition between remote and in-person processes.

At IFZA we have mastered the art of hybrid processes. Our incorporation processes allow business owners to complete company formation without being physically present in the UAE.

Trend 3: Shorter response times

We have worked meticulously to streamline our incorporation processes, which means not only shorter timelines but also simplified and transparent processes that encourage businesses to be at their best sooner, rather than later.

Q: How have IFZA responded to the current business climate?

Relationships are the building blocks for IFZA’s success. We ensure strong relationships with our Professional Partners, guaranteeing a 100% customer-centred approach that allows us to move with the shifting business environment. IFZA is the leading Free Zone in Dubai because, among many reasons, we have the most competent and the widest network of Partners nationally and internationally.

Q: How does IFZA retain its competitive edge?

Every industry needs healthy competition so its members can hone its offerings in well-regulated, stable, transparent environments. Above it all, however, IFZA, is innately driven by a strong mindset to pursue continuous excellence and constant improvement. We question ourselves every day. We push ourselves every day. We are never satisfied in our search to do better and be better.

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