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Measuring Your Marketing: A Guide for Dubai Entrepreneurs

Measuring marketing is crucial for Dubai entrepreneurs like you, to understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and demonstrate the value they bring to their businesses. In today’s competitive landscape, it’s essential to justify marketing expenditures and secure future budgets by speaking the language of finance and providing solid data-backed evidence.

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Marketing Dubai Entrepreneurs

Guide Highlights

  • Measuring Current and Past Performance 

  • Specific Metrics to Measure Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency 
  • Objective Setting with Measurable Metrics 

  • Targets and KPIs 
  • Implementation of Measurement 
  • Future Strategy Based on Measurement Insights 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is measuring marketing important?

Measuring marketing allows you to understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, justify expenditures, secure future budgets, and optimize resource allocation for maximum impact. 

What are some fundamental business questions that can be answered through marketing measurement?

Marketing measurement can answer questions such as whether business goals are being achieved, the progress made towards those goals, the effectiveness of marketing activities, and where to focus time, resources, and budget for maximum impact. 

What are some specific metrics I can use to measure marketing effectiveness and efficiency?

Specific metrics include product metrics (e.g., marketing cost per unit), price metrics (e.g., sales price variation), promotion metrics (e.g., share of voice), place/distribution metrics (e.g., average transaction volume), people metrics (e.g., yearly staff turnover rate), process metrics (e.g., call answer rate), physical evidence metrics (e.g., customer satisfaction responses), and online metrics (e.g., page impressions). 

How can I use measurement to inform future marketing strategy?

Entrepreneurs can use the outcomes of marketing measurements to create a continuous feedback loop, shaping future strategies and tactics based on past and current performance, tracking trends, and ensuring alignment with customer needs and preferences. 

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