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The IFZA Academy creates a culture of knowledge, growth and development that extends from within the IFZA organization out to our Professional Partners and the wider Free Zone Industry. By delivering high-quality and practical training solutions with a strong People-First Approach, we ensure that all individuals involved in the business licensing process are proficient and able to meet the complex demands of the market. What is the IFZA Academy approach to training? IFZA’s guiding principles of community and mutual growth are embodied in the Academy’s personalized and dynamic approach to training. Whether face-to-face or online, our fully customizable sessions make use of the latest learning and assessment technologies to create an engaging and impactful learning experience. Our trainers have extensive and wide-ranging backgrounds in learning and development, giving them the insights and expertise to fully anticipate the needs of our Professional Partners, allowing us to adapt and fit our offerings to ensure that we consistently surpass client expectations. What success has the Academy had so far? Since its inception in early 2020, the IFZA Academy has made significant contributions to the Free Zone Industry by identifying the skills and knowledge gaps within our community and developing tailor-made learning experiences. In the last 12 month, we established our global presence, training over 10,000 individuals in more than 65 countries as part of our commitment to extending the reach of IFZA and our Professional Partners to a worldwide market. What is next for the IFZA Academy? IFZA exists in an environment of constant progress, and at the IFZA Academy, this translates into the expansion of our current training courses through a series of eLearning modules. These on-demand modules will cater to the busy schedules of our trainees by allowing them to upskill and increase their competence at their own pace and on their own time. In addition, we have some exciting private sector collaborations and mentoring programs in the works that will inspire the next generation of IFZA business leaders. Finally, we will be launching our eagerly anticipated IFZA masterclasses. This new venture, developed in collaboration with industry experts and influencers, will widen our reach beyond the Free Zone industry and out to the wider community.


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