IFZA Dubai insights with renewals manager mr. Dougie douglas


At IFZA we have ensured that our existing license holders are well looked after during the exciting phase ahead for their company. IFZA clients will be able to take advantage of increased benefits and new products, with the peace of mind of no price increases.  

My license has a combination of license activity types, can I still keep these? 

Certainly. You can select from an even larger variety of business activities. IFZA has a guarantee in place for existing Licensees with a combination of license types, meaning they will not pay additional charges for this feature.  

I would like to take advantage of a Dubai Free Zone Company before my renewal date, is this possible? 

Absolutely, we‘ve seen an influx of business owners who are keen to obtain Dubai visas for their employees. IFZA Business Licenses will be migrated to Dubai as part of the renewal process when their current License expires. However, if a Licensee wishes to be migrated earlier than their renewal date, we will also provide them the opportunity to do so. 

What new benefits are available to me as an existing Licensee?  

Our move to Dubai brings a number of great benefits to our existing Licensees, including:

  • The Opportunity to obtain expanded Dubai visa packages 
  • Zero increase in License prices 
  • Business Activities from new sectors such as oil & gas, finance, tourism & hospitality, media, and many others 
  • A new selection of world-class office solutions 
  • And so much more, which we will announce in the coming weeks. 

IFZA is committed to developing long term business and long-term relationships with our Partners and Licensees. In the current climate, making sure that our existing clients are well taken care of is more essential than ever. 


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