IFZA ecosystem: Inspired by nature

IFZA ecosystem: Inspired by nature

“For small businesses to thrive, they require an environment that is conducive for growth” – Nydia Velazquez


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The Grow Initiative is an important platform for IFZA to not only show its commitment to environmental sustainability, but also to motivate the members of the IFZA Community to consider the impact of their business on the natural ecosystem that they are a part of.

It is inspired in many ways by the incredible parallels between mangroves and the IFZA ecosystem. Both are structured around providing resources that ensure the mutual benefit, security, and impact of its members.


In the natural world, symbiotic relationships ensure that organisms create a web of benefits that allow each member to thrive. One common example of this is the relationship between bees and flowers. Bees depend on flowers for food, while flowers also depend on bees to propagate.

In the same way, businesses become stronger when they are immersed in a symbiotic ecosystem.

This partnership that brings about mutual benefit is one of the core principles at IFZA, particularly in our relationship with our global network of Professional Partners. IFZA provides each Partner with an exclusive range of support in business and beyond, from world-class partnership schemes, a growing range of products and services, personalized support through expert teams, professional training through the IFZA Academy, access to exclusive events and more. In turn, IFZA Licensees also benefit from the expertise, diversity and close proximity of our Partners to specific location around the world.

Together, these create a dynamic and accessible network of support to entrepreneurs, wherever they are in the world.


Working together as one ecosystem also brings out another important benefit: protection.

For example, a single mangrove tree may not be able to create an impact, but as the mangrove forest grows, they become an important, formidable wall of defense against erosion and encroachment of seawater.

In a business ecosystem, having a strong and secure legal framework that protects entrepreneurs and startups as they test their business model is of critical importance.

To this end, IFZA works closely with all relevant local and national regulatory entities to optimize the benefits of Dubai’s business-friendly Free Zone environment, such as low-taxation, 100% foreign company ownership, 100% repatriation of capital and profit. IFZA also offers peace of mind by providing flexibility for businesses to up- or down-scale their company in response to market conditions.


One of the important effects of symbiosis and protection is that it creates a collective effect of impact far more than its individual members can do. In the case of the mangroves, their impact is far greater than on the locations where they are planted. In fact, 80% of global fish stocks are directly or indirectly dependent on mangroves. What’s more, mangroves are also 5 times more efficient at CO2 storage than rainforests, making them an essential component in mitigating climate change.

As an enabler of growth, IFZA is committed to the never-ending pursuit for excellence in its support to startups and entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the benefits of its location in Dubai through a wide range of products and services, from commercial real estate, health coverage, corporate banking assistance, motors and more. Simply put, providing a Free Zone Business License is only the start.

Symbiosis. Protection. Reach.

These are not only the important qualities of an ecosystem, both in nature and in business.

NOTE: All content on this page along with the downloadable guides is created solely for educational purposes. The information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge, and it may not reflect any changes or developments that occur after the date of publication.

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