IFZA insights with corporate trainer ms. Jessica caruso


Alongside our commitment to providing world class services to our Partners and Licensees, our team at IFZA are equally committed to creating a culture of continuing knowledge advancement.

This is why we established the IFZA Academy, the first and probably the only dedicated learning institution for the Free Zone industry in the UAE.

We work hand in hand with Professional Partners to ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date knowledge on Dubai company formation the IFZA Way.

This starts the moment a Partner joins the IFZA Community, where our Academy will reach out to organize comprehensive induction training free of charge. This training covers 7 main topics including:

  • Company formation in the UAE
  • Information about IFZA
  • Our License and Residence Visa Application Processes
  • Our Office Solutions
  • And, upon request, even Financial Information

For existing Partners, we are delighted to announce the eagerly awaited IFZA Academy Refresher Session.

This session is the perfect opportunity to update all our existing professional partners on the latest IFZA processes and procedures. As you know, IFZA has undergone some exciting changes in 2020 and we are keen to share the great benefits associated with these changes not only for you, but also for your clients.

For your ease and flexibility, we are able to provide training in a number of ways: from the IFZA Headquarters, in your office or even online which we can accommodate at a time that suits you.

Each of our learning sessions are designed to be fully interactive and entertaining so we come armed with presentations, handouts, and, for those who need it, even a projector and a screen.

The Academy is launching a simple and easy online booking system accessible to all Partners They can choose to book either the full IFZA Induction, the IFZA refresher session or they can customize their own session by selecting any of the 7 Individual modules from the IFZA Induction depending on Partners specific needs. For example, it may be necessary to train a new staff member on all things IFZA and the license application process but not about company formation in the UAE.

The IFZA Academy supports the goals and professional development of those working with IFZA by equipping them with the expertise required to better understand how they can deliver exceptional results.


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