IFZA life: Tailor-made healthcare solutions for IFZA free zone companies

Health insurance. When working in the UAE, you have several options, but how do you know if you are choosing the right one? Whether from the perspective of an employee or an entrepreneur, it is always a big decision because you need to ensure that the policy you choose will cover your individual priorities.


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How important is health insurance?

According to the Health Insurance Law of Dubai No 11 of 2013, all residents are required to have health insurance coverage provided by their employer. This health insurance must conform to the requirements of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Furthermore, health insurance coverage is a mandatory requirement for a residency visa in the UAE.

As part of its commitment to creating a dynamic ecosystem that supports businesses in Dubai, IFZA has launched uniquely tailored health insurance packages under the umbrella of IFZA Life.

What does IFZA Life offer?

Exclusively developed for IFZA Free Zone companies, IFZA Life provides value-added services that will contribute to the overall work-life balance of its members. One main component of this are comprehensive and competitively priced health coverage solutions specifically tailored for the needs of businesses. Our five-tier program is designed to deliver the best and most advantageous benefits to IFZA Free Zone companies and their dependents.

In partnership with National Life and General Insurance Company (NLGIC), a major health insurance provider in the region, our simplified options work in your favor because each plan is constructed around what you need and what you can afford. The easy enrollment process consists of four simple steps; speak to an agent, select your plan, submit your application, and pay, and receive your policy documents successfully.

What are the benefits of IFZA Life?

  • Simplified health insurance solutions tailored to startups and SMEs.
  • Easy-to-understand plans available at competitive premiums.
  • Fast and easy enrollment as part of the IFZA process.
  • Pre-existing conditions covered (exclusions apply).
  • Access to a vast network of medical service providers.
  • Fast claim settlement.
  • Available to employees across all levels of the company.
  • No minimum number of employees required.

How does IFZA Life help you?

When you obtain a residency visa with a business license in Dubai, you are required to have health insurance. This can often be a confusing process of finding, applying, and qualifying for insurance from several companies. With IFZA Life, this process becomes much easier because you work within the IFZA ecosystem, making your business set up a simpler process. You also have the advantage of choosing the plans that best suit you, and if you have employees, they’re also able to choose the plan that is most attractive to them.

With this program, IFZA Professional Partners and licensees can make the most out of their options. With a wide network of hospitals covered in the plans; you have first preference of where you want to go. The entire system is designed to ensure that you, your employees, and their dependents receive the best quality health care at an affordable price, and all tiers cover every medical necessity – from general checkups to specialised consulting.

Contact [email protected] or +971 4 230 4200 to find out how you can choose a tailored plan and get the most out of it.

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