Starting a business? Don’t forget these five important things


Identifying an issue in the community and seeking a remedy to it can be as easy as trying to come up with a small business idea. However, many small companies fail in their first year due to many reasons, and there are several factors that can lead to a company’s demise. Before you take the first step of formally incorporating your business, consider these five things when it comes to formally starting your own company. DON’T OVERTHINK THE IDEA. Most companies begin with a basic concept or approach to a common problem. Be certain that the concept would not get too complex. It is best to keep things simple. The more elaborate your concept, the more costly it will get. Issue fixes that are overly complex are more difficult to sell and execute. Begin small and limit your focus. CONCENTRATE ON THE DEMAND RATHER THAN THE PRODUCT. Many startups and small companies make the error of depending too much on their product to generate revenue. However, that is only one side of the equation. A good product must meet a demand. Small companies should concentrate on providing a commodity that customers want to purchase. You can create the most innovative product in the world, but if there is no demand for it, you will fail. Concentrate on niches. Gaining a limited share in a known market is much better start than competing in a market that does not exist. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE COSTS. Starting a business requires money. Lots of it. Prepare for the worse and overestimate the company’s expenses. Allow yourself enough space to function. Don’t expect your expenses to still be in the black. Prepare for unexpected events. CREATE A SUPPORT GROUP. You cannot run a company by yourself. Create a team to help you from the start. These individuals do not have to be corporate partners. They may be family members, peers, acquaintances, or mentors. Getting someone to lean on in times of trouble can be beneficial. ALWAYS ASSESS YOUR BUSINESS IDEA. Recognizing that the product has a niche is just the first move. Don’t forget to evaluate your marketing plan. Market research is something that can never be overlooked. Learn about the market or niche you want to join. Examine your competition’s strengths and limitations. Discover what grabs your audience’s attention. Look for openings in your market that are only waiting to be found. Don’t make rash decisions. It has become much easier to start a small company. However, there are also many things that can cause a company to fail. Take these suggestions to heart and work tirelessly to get your company noticed. If you’re looking for a vibrant location on which to start your business, start and end your search at IFZA Dubai, which offers clients so much more than a Free Zone Dubai. IFZA Dubai is a community where businesses are motivated to create, inspired to succeed and enabled to become part of a dynamic ecosystem. Reach out to an IFZA Professional Partner today to explore how you can thrive at IFZA Dubai.


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