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Starting a new venture is intimidating, especially in a foreign country. A startup has sizable risks attached to it, and often you genuinely need support services because you are a one-man band who wears many different hats that eventually become hard to juggle all on your own.

Free Zones take on many of the burdens new small business owners experience, especially when setting up in a foreign country.

In Dubai, companies that wish to be in the center of the region’s economic bustle can choose between the different Free Zones to set up in.  In IFZA, new businesses can set up shop combining commercial and professional activities under a single license.

But how easy is it – really – to start a brand new business in IFZA Dubai?


IFZA combines its impressive administrative power and state-of-the-art facilities with who specialize in business formation services, ensuring an encompassing web of knowledge, networks and expertise that are unparalleled. Through the IFZA Academy, we train our Professional Partners to uphold our standards and values, and the UAE’s Free Zone landscape, while offering startups their complementary services, all in one place.

This model is still unique compared to other Free Zones in Dubai, giving International Free Zone companies incredible resources to draw from for a painless start-up within the walls of a secure, organized authority.

Generally, Free Zones make life a whole lot easier because the zone authorities deal with the legal formalities. In IFZA, we provide the customer-focused support to our partners, one of the best locations in the UAE, streamlined processes and modern office solutions.

All paperwork happens electronically so that a new international business can progress through the incorporation phase in the International Free Zone without the physical presence of its business owner so clients can set up their business in Dubai no matter where you find yourself in the world.


Where many Free Zones require their businesses to have a physical office space within the zone, IFZA does not place that burden on our companies. Our basic license packages of 0-3 Visa Allocations give businesses the flexibility to start without an office space and rent a desk as needed. Our property offering covers the full range of services to grow with your business needs, making IFZA a logical choice for small- and medium-sized companies starting out in the region.

Starting out as a new business in any place in the world is exciting. Perhaps we are biased, but Dubai is certainly one of the most exciting places to setup in. Contact a member of our global network of Professional Partners today to begin your journey.


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