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Words such as “collaboration”, “partnering” and “leverage” are words often used in business. Collaborate is to join forces, to make something better or stronger than it was before. The age-old adage that everyone needs to play to their strengths really works. That’s the point of collaborating. Partnering signifies a relationship of equals. Equals are not necessarily good at the same things. Indeed, a partnership is stronger if two parties join forces, and each do what they do. Whoever is on the receiving end of a partnership benefits from a wider network, skillset and competence offered through the partnership. Leverage, on the other hand, is often used in the context of making something stronger or better. Through collaborating with partners, we gain market advantage by leveraging our combined network of expertise. Which brings us to partnering with IFZA. When joining forces with IFZA, business service providers can offer their clients the top choice of Free Zones in Dubai, one of the most sought-after locations in the UAE. The complete package If you are a business formation specialist, law firm, accounting firm, or corporate service provider, IFZA offers you a unique opportunity to grow your business in the UAE as a member of the global network of IFZA Professional Partners. In addition to providing Partners a world of B2B advantages and dedicated business support, IFZA also provides knowledge and competence development through the IFZA Academy, the region’s first and only learning institution for the Free Zone industry, and exclusive access to a calendar of elite networking and social events. For a limited time, new IFZA Professional Partners also get an opportunity to avail a bonus reward of up to AED 10,000 (subject to terms and conditions) to get your new venture going. To join our extensive global business community, become a new IFZA Professional Partner in three easy steps:

  • Contact IFZA.
  • Request and sign the Authorized Partner Agreement.
  • Submit a copy of your Trade License, or its equivalent in your jurisdiction.
Whether you want to partner, collaborate, leverage, or be part of a world-class team, IFZA invites you to get in touch.


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