We are excited to introduce IFZA Elite Loyalty Program, a unique rewards scheme exclusively designed for dedicated IFZA Professional Partners.

At IFZA, we believe in forging longstanding partnerships and IFZA Elite is one of our exclusive platforms to recognize our global network of Professional Partners for the dedication to our collective, long-term success.

If you are an IFZA Professional Partner, download the IFZA Elite mobile app and activate your account to make your IFZA journey of success even more rewarding.

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Global Network of IFZA Professional Partners

At IFZA, we believe in providing our partners with long-term and real partnerships that go beyond business. You can take advantage of unparalleled benefits such as dedicated support, world-class training, exclusive access to rewards and more.

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beyond business

The program is composed of 4 progressive tiers

IFZA Elite makes it even more rewarding for you to engage with IFZA. We focus on giving you as many opportunities as possible to advance to the next tier level of rewards.

Platinum Tier
Gold Tier
Silver Tier
Blue Tier

Start being rewarded with IFZA Elite Loyalty Program

Your tier status will be determined based on the points you have earned and will be reassessed regularly.

As you earn more points, you will progress to higher tiers and unlock more benefits that include premium access to events and exclusive lifestyle rewards.

Activate your IFZA Elite membership today. If you have not received your log-in credentials, contact our IFZA Elite team.

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