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Through the IFZA Portal, we empower our Partners to offer an unparalleled experience characterized by efficiency, transparency and user-friendliness.

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  • Effortless Applications
  • Visa Made Easy
  • Streamlined Property Management
  • Centralized License Management
  • Up-to-Date Documentation
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At IFZA, we believe in providing our Partners with long-term and real partnerships that go beyond business. You can take advantage of unparalleled benefits such as dedicated support, world-class training, exclusive access to rewards and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What are the benefits of using the IFZA Partner Portal?

The IFZA Partner Portal offers a number of benefits, including:
  • Speed and efficiency: The Portal allows you to quickly and easily apply for and track IFZA services.
  • Transparency: The Portal provides you with real-time status updates on your requests.
  • Convenience: You can access the Portal from anywhere in the world.
  • Support: The Portal offers 24/7 technical support through AI-powered chat.

02. How long does it take to generate a quote?

The quotation calculator was built to generate quotes within seconds! This replaces the need to request quotations from IFZA and provides autonomy for Partners like yourself to generate multiple quotations for your clients in just a few clicks.

03. Can I access the Partner Portal on my tablet or mobile?

Yes, the Partner Portal has been specially designed to be user-friendly across various devices. This means you can conveniently access all important information from any location at any time.

04. How to become an IFZA Professional Partner?

Becoming an IFZA Professional Partner is a simple three-step process:
  • Register your interest through our online form or by email.
  • Request for and sign the IFZA Authorized Partner Agreement.
  • Submit a copy of your trade license (or its equivalent in your jurisdiction).
Note: There is no cost associated with becoming an IFZA Professional Partner.

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