Why you should consider company formation in Dubai


The decision of where to locate your business is a critical process that cannot be underestimated. Your choice of a business location allows you to not only position your company to better attract your target customers, but also helps you attract the right talents to make your business a success.  On top of that, your choice of location also contributes to your company’s brand or image, since each city carries its own reputation. With an efficient, secure and dynamic business environment, Dubai is an ideal location for company formation of businesses who want to position themselves in an ecosystem built for growth. So, why should you consider locating your company in Dubai. EASE OF DOING BUSINESS Dubai’s strategic geographic location, global reputation, robust infrastructure and excellent government support has made it an attractive place to conduct businesses from around the world. Event in the middle of the current global conditions, Dubai has flourished as a haven for global investors. In fact, the World Bank has consistently ranked Dubai and the rest of the UAE as the top country in terms of Ease of Doing Business in the MENA region The ease of business setup in Dubai reflects is a result of the strong, multisectoral efforts to increase the overall efficiency in the spectrum of services, from company formation, application for a Dubai residence visa, and more. Registering a business, particularly a Free Zone setup such as at IFZA Dubai is a very straightforward and cost-effective process, where your UAE trade license can be processed in a matter of weeks. AGILE PRO-BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT There are many competitive advantages that you can benefit when you choose your company formation in Dubai. With a strong legal structure and business-friendly tax environment, Dubai has a solid proposition for investors and companies. What’s more, Dubai’s economy continues to flourish as it expands its economic diversification further away from oil-based trade, opening up more opportunities for your businesses to succeed. One of the ways that Dubai succeeds in business-readiness is the availability of a diverse and talented workforce. Dubai’s liberal labor laws – particularly for businesses with a Free Zone company setup – coupled with its offer of a high quality of life makes the emirate both an easy and an affordable place to hire employees who speak the language of your target markets. If you need to import talent from abroad, Dubai is also an ideal destination for expatriates. According to a 2021 study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Dubai was ranked among the top 5 preferred cities to work worldwide, placing much higher than cities such as Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, and New York. A WORLD-CLASS PLACE TO LIVE Dubai is also an ideal destination known for its high quality of life.  In fact, Dubai ranked 20th in the Expat City Ranking 2020, scoring the highest marks in ease of living abroad without local language skills. Blessed with sunshine all year round, Dubai offers a host of world class features for you to work, play, study, and connect. Dubai is also home to range of schools that cater to British, American or other international curriculum. With more than 60 globally known international university campuses and colleges, there are many world-class opportunities to study in Dubai. Leisure options in Dubai are also near endless, from fantastic shopping malls and restaurants, world class sporting venues, an iconic opera house, live and hybrid entertainment options, and expansive natural spaces to roam freely, there is hardly room to be bored here. Connecting everything is Dubai’s advanced transport infrastructure which links people and products across the city and beyond, including two of the region’s largest airports and one of the most advanced seaports in the world that boosts its place as a global hub. These are only a few reasons why you should consider your company formation in Dubai. Located in one of Dubai’s new areas of growth, IFZA provides entrepreneurs a wide choice of products and services that optimize the benefits of its vibrant business environment.


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