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In conversation with Jochen Knecht, IFZA CEO HOW HAS IFZA BEEN SO SUCCESSFUL IN A HIGHLY COMPETITIVE REGIONAL MARKET? IFZA is known for our relentless striving for excellence in everything we do. The key to our continuing success lies in our unfaltering commitment to providing 3 fundamental things: IFZA is committed to providing EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES that support the ambitions of global entrepreneurs, from company formation and beyond. We offer a unique ecosystem that is designed for SMEs to benefit when they set up their business. IFZA is committed to offering QUICK AND TRANSPARENT LICENSING AND VISA PROCESSES. We are among the first Free Zones to offer hybrid company formation processes. IFZA is committed to supporting our Partners and Licensees with COMPETENT AND PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE who not only attract local and international businesses, but continuously give them reasons to establish long-term roots for their companies here in Dubai. We are partner-oriented in everything that we do here at IFZA. HOW DOES PARTNERSHIP PLAY A ROLE IN YOUR JOURNEY OF SUCCESS? At IFZA, we take partnership seriously, and it is in the spirit of partnership that we take it to the next level by striving for mutual achievements and triumphs. This is the IFZA promise whenever we say, “Let’s Create Success!” With the hard work of our Professional Partners and together with our Global Collaborators, IFZA is in a stronger position to offer an outstanding Free Zone experience. Although we pride ourselves in our world class client services and an ever-improving ecosystem, the best is yet to come. IFZA is boundless in our pursuit of growth and excellence, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.


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