How to register a company in Dubai free zone?

How to register a company in Dubai free zone?

If you’re looking to establish a company in Dubai, IFZA Free Zone is your ideal option. Registering your company is straightforward, and the benefits are endless. In this article, we will answer the frequently asked question: “How to register a company in a Dubai Free Zone” in detail.


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What Is a Free Zone, and What Are the Benefits of Registering a Company in One? Before discussing how to register a company in a Dubai Free Zone, let’s take a quick look into its concept.

A Free Zone is a designated area within the UAE where companies may register without customs duties or specific restrictions. These zones have been established to attract foreign investment and encourage international trade by offering a tax-free trading environment.

Registering a company in one of these Free Zones offers investors more control over their business operations. At the same time, they also benefit from reduced taxes, streamlined government procedures, and better access to international markets.

Setting up a company in the UAE requires different steps depending on the type of company being formed and the jurisdiction chosen.

Generally speaking, registering a company in Dubai Free Zone involves obtaining the necessary trade license that outline the approved business activities, opening your corporate bank account in Dubai, and continuing support that includes applying for the related UAE Residence Visas for any employee under the company’s allocation.

In most cases, the entire process can be completed within a matter of days, assuming all necessary documents are submitted correctly and in compliance with local registration laws; however, the timelines will vary depending on how fast needed documents are supplied.

Register a Company in Dubai with IFZA

Setting up a business in IFZA Dubai can be an excellent way to start a successful venture in the Middle East. By becoming a part of the IFZA, you’ll gain access to the city’s vast resources and potentially lucrative markets.

You’ll need to provide documents such as ownership agreements, licenses, passports, and company papers. These must meet all legal requirements outlined by IFZA. After filing all the necessary paperwork, you will be required to pay various fees associated with registration, including the cost of registered office space, if your business has four or more visa allocations. The good thing is that you have access to a global network of service partners who will act as your representative in the UAE while you are doing business with IFZA.

With careful preparation and attention to detail, registering your company with IFZA is an achievable goal that could set you off on a path to business success.

Documents You Need to Submit to Register with IFZA

To register your company, you must present all relevant documents required to receive corporate, legal, and financial services.

For applications with individual shareholders, the following are required:

  • Passport copy
  • Digital passport photo
  • Application form with UBO information (provided by IFZA)
  • Emirates ID and Visa Copy for UAE residents
  • Related third party approvals, if required

For applications with corporate shareholders, the following are required:

  • Passport copy of every shareholder and General Manager of the corporate shareholder
  • Digital passport photo of every shareholder and General Manager of the corporate shareholder
  • Application form with UBO information (provided by IFZA)
  • Emirates ID and Visa Copy of every shareholder who is a UAE resident
  • Board Resolution
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association of the corporate shareholder (or its equivalent)
  • Valid Trade License (or its equivalent)
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Formation of the corporate shareholder
  • Related third party approvals, if required

Lastly, additional regulatory requirements may be required depending on the type of activity requested by investors during the registration process. All in all, these documents must be provided in full detail for an IFZA registration application to be approved successfully.

By paying attention to these requirements from the start, you can enjoy a smooth and quick process when registering with IFZA. ​

Once approved, you will pay applicable fees and sign an agreement including the declaration of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO). Once payment is confirmed via wire transfer, your company registration certificate will be issued by IFZA within a few days from the completion of the application processes and payment.

Fees Associated with IFZA Company Registration

When registering a company with IFZA, there are several fees to factor in. The first fee is the standard corporate set-up fee, which depends on the number of shareholders, directors, and other information related to the company. Then, depending on the type of license chosen, there is usually an additional license fee.

Standard licenses generally include a fixed fee for issuance and renewal and applicable taxes. If applicable, you may also have to pay capital asset fees or value-added tax that needs to be paid annually.

Additionally, most IFZA companies are required to hire an accounting firm that can help manage company compliance matters and audit requirements.

Company Administration and Ongoing Requirements with IFZA

When registered under IFZA, companies have access to continuing support as their business grows. These include assistance in amending the terms of the license, such as visa allocation, shareholders, business activities, and others. Additionally, IFZA also provides additional services to support the business’ compliance to the UAE’s requirements, including offices for rent and medical insurance coverage. In the near future, owners of businesses registered at IFZA can have access to a wider network of services to make their business as pain-free as possible.

By aligning with IFZA standards and guidelines for corporate governance and other associated regulations, companies can stay on track for success in their industry.

That was our guide to how to register a company in Dubai free zone. If you need any additional help navigating the company registration process with IFZA, you can contact a Professional Partner or our customer service for personalized assistance at any time during business hours.


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