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While Dubai is renowned as an innovation and technology hub, its strategic geographical location also positions it as a prime tourist destination.

Situated at the crossroads between the Western and Eastern hemispheres, Dubai serves as a vital link for global trade and commerce. Its modern infrastructure, luxury amenities, and diverse attractions make it an attractive destination for travelers from around the world.

The tourism sector in Dubai is a key contributor to the country’s economy, with significant investments made to enhance infrastructure and promote tourism initiatives. According to data from the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the emirate welcomed over 17.15 million overnight visitors in 2023, highlighting its status as a premier tourist destination.

The UAE Government has been instrumental in driving initiatives to boost the travel and tourism sector across the country. Notable examples include the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Tourism Initiative and the Dubai Tourism Strategy 2020. These initiatives underscore the government’s commitment to fostering sustained growth and development in the tourism industry.

Dubai’s diverse offerings, including luxury resorts, world-class shopping malls, and iconic landmarks, attract a wide range of travelers, from leisure tourists to business professionals attending conferences and events. Securing a Dubai Tourism License presents entrepreneurs with an opportunity to participate in the vibrant tourism industry of the UAE. With the government’s support and commitment to sustainable growth, licensed entities can play a pivotal role in shaping Dubai’s reputation as a global tourism hub and delivering memorable experiences to visitors from across the globe.

A Closer Look:

UAE Tourism License

Types of tourism licenses in Dubai:

  • Inbound tourism license or Tourism License in Dubai for Inbound Tour Operator:  This license is required for businesses that intend to organize events or provide transportation services within the city.
  • Outbound tourism license: An outbound tour operator license enables the business to sell tourism packages to locations outside of the UAE. This means that the business can organize trips to the UAE for foreigners including all the required business activities.
  • Travel agency license as a travel agent: This license is for those who wish to operate a travel agency in Dubai where they are able to sell tickets, book hotels, make reservations etc.
Business Tourism License

Benefits of obtaining a tourism license in Dubai:

  • Government Support and Regulations: The government regulations in Dubai are favorable for companies intending to set up business here. The government of Dubai allows 100% repatriation of revenues from companies in the Free Zones and mainland. The country has no limitations on foreign exchange, a stable political environment and thus maintains a stable exchange rate between the UAE Dirham, US Dollar and other currencies.
  • Ease of Setup: Setting up a business in Dubai is a smooth process with streamlined processes. The DET has ensured that there is transparency in the steps and costs involved in obtaining a freelance license in the UAE.
  • Free Zones: Dubai has several Free Zones that facilitate the setting up of different kinds of businesses. Each Free Zone specializes in particular activities and can provide licenses in various sectors. Investors can set up companies here with 100% ownership of their businesses.
  • Credibility and Trust: Having a tourism license enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of your business. It signals to customers that you meet the necessary standards and have been authorized by the appropriate authorities.
  • Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Having a tourism license may enable your business to participate in tourism-related events, fairs, or exhibitions, providing opportunities for networking and exposure.
  • Quality Assurance: Tourism licenses often involve meeting specific criteria related to service quality, safety standards, and customer satisfaction. This helps ensure a consistent level of quality across the tourism industry.
  • Tourist Safety: Compliance with regulations, as mandated by the tourism license, contributes to the overall safety of tourists. This is particularly important in the tourism industry, where the well-being of visitors is a priority.
Tourism License UAE

Tourism License Regulations

The tourism license is, however, subject to several regulations, such as:

  •  Tour Guide Award Program Completion: Prospective tour guides are required to actively participate in and successfully complete the Tour Guide Award Program.
  • One-Year Validity: The Travel and Tourism License holds a validity period of one year, emphasizing the need for regular renewals.
  • Tour Guide License Badge: To operate as a tour guide in Dubai, individuals must obtain a Tour Guide License Badge, issued by the DET.
  • Annual Renewal: The Tourism License mandates an annual renewal, and this process involves participation in the DET annual refresher program.
  • Sanctions for Non-Renewal: Failure to renew the Tour Guide License for two consecutive years may result in sanctions imposed by the DET, underlining the importance of adherence to renewal requirements.

How To Get A Tourism License In Dubai:

Obtaining a tourism license in Dubai involves a series of steps to ensure compliance with regulations. The specific requirements may vary based on the type of tourism-related activity, but the general process typically includes the following steps:

  • Application Submission:First, you will need to submit your application for the license. This will include details such as your business name and your business activities. Ensure that you are familiar with requirements from a legal perspective. For instance, you will need to choose a name that is not offensive or blasphemous. You will also need to avoid titles that have been used by existing organizations.
  • E-Channel Services Authorization:The UAE has implemented an e-channel service to streamline bureaucratic procedures, minimizing paperwork and accelerating the business setup process across emirates. Leveraging this service facilitates the application for your entry permit, enhancing efficiency in the overall licensing process.
  • Status Change:Once you receive your entry permit, the next step involves activating your status change. Depending on your country of citizenship, this can be done either within the country or by exiting and re-entering the relevant emirate. You will also be required to undergo medical tests to obtain your Emirates ID. This identification card is instrumental, enabling you to open bank accounts, lease properties, and enter into phone contracts—a mandatory requirement for all business owners.
Documents required for a computer trading license in Dubai

Documents For
Obtaining A Tourism License

  • Completed application form
  • Passport copies of all shareholders
  • Proof of educational and professional qualification of manager
  • The Company owner and the manager should produce a certificate that endorses no criminal record
  • Civil Aviation Authority’s NOC

How can IFZA help?

IFZA provides numerous Free Zone company establishment benefits such as:

tourism license in Dubai
  • 100% ownership of commercial enterprises
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profit
  • Low taxes
  • No physical presence of the business owners is required during the company set up (incorporation) process
  • No mandatory office requirement under 4 visa allocation
  • All processes executed remotely (except medical tests and Emirates ID biometrics)
  • IFZA offers a multicultural and multilingual team that can advise on business activities
  • It offers transparent and competitive pricing
  • Professional and Commercial activities can be combined under one IFZA license
  • IFZA offers a competitive General Trading License
  • IFZA does not publicly disclose shareholders of licensed companies
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Frequently asked questions

01. How can I get a tourism license in Dubai?

Tourism license can be obtained by the approval of Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) by submitting the necessary documents and business plans. After submitting the required documents and making the payment, your documents will be reviewed, and the license will be issued.

02. How long does it take to obtain a tourism license in Dubai?

It takes between 2 to 4 weeks to obtain a tourism license in Dubai. It depends on the type of business you are running.

03. How much does a tourism license cost in Dubai?

The cost varies according to the type of license you are applying for. It also depends on the company’s size and the specific activity to be conducted.

04. How role does DTCM play in the licensing process?

Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is a governmental body that oversees the tourism sector in Dubai. Its primary responsibility is managing licensing and ensuring that all tourism businesses in Dubai meet stringent quality and safety criteria.

05. What are the consequences of operating a Tourism Business in Dubai without obtaining a license?

Operating a tourism business in Dubai without the required license will lead to penalties, fines, or potential closure of your business. It's important to comply with local regulations to avoid any legal consequences.
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