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Amid Dubai’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the Information Technology (IT) sector has experienced unprecedented growth. With investments exceeding $8 billion, Dubai’s IT industry has become a magnet for global industry leaders. The city offers an ideal environment for IT consultancy firms to flourish, with projections indicating a market value of $13.4 billion by 2025.

Moreover, Dubai’s IT sector has been instrumental in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), with a $2.2 billion inflow for tech in 2023 alone. This influx of investment highlights the city’s status as a prime destination for tech companies and startups alike.

Dubai boasts a thriving ecosystem, with over 20,000 registered companies contributing to the vibrant tech scene. This burgeoning startup community not only creates opportunities for collaboration and innovation but also provides a steady stream of potential clients for IT consulting firms.

In this dynamic landscape, obtaining an IT consulting license in Dubai is more than just a regulatory requirement; it’s a strategic move that positions firms to capitalize on the city’s booming IT sector. With the right license in hand, IT consultants can leverage Dubai’s robust infrastructure, supportive policies, and diverse market to drive growth, expand their client base, and establish themselves as trusted advisors in the ever-evolving world of technology.

A Closer Look:

Activities IT License

Activities you can do under an IT Consultancy License

An IT Consultancy License in Dubai allows you to engage in a wide range of of activities, including:

  • IT Consultants: Provide specialized services in information technology, including networking, email systems, and data exchange. Facilitate subscription procedures for international networking and electronic communication services for a fee.
  • Network Services: Offer professional consultancies to IT organizations for networking solutions, focusing on security, analysis, and design. Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology with three years of experience.
  • Internet Consultancy: Specialize in creating strategies for search engine optimization for businesses by analyzing their online presence and recommending improvements. Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology with three years of experience.
  • IT Infrastructure: Lay the technical foundations of information technology, including networks, systems, and databases. Provide consultative studies and installation services for network and system setups.
IT License

Benefits of IT Consultancy License

Setting up an IT Consultancy company gives businesses access to a host of benefits:

  • Strategic Location: Dubai serves as a strategic hub for business in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, providing access to a diverse and rapidly growing market.
  • Business-Friendly Environment: Dubai offers a business-friendly environment with minimal bureaucracy, streamlined processes for company registration, and favorable tax policies, including low corporate and income taxes for most business activities.
  • Economic Stability: Dubai’s economy is known for its stability and resilience, supported by diverse sectors such as finance, trade, tourism, and technology.
  • Infrastructure: Dubai boasts world-class infrastructure, including advanced telecommunications networks, modern office spaces, and state-of-the-art facilities, conducive to running an IT consultancy business.
  • Government Support: The Dubai government actively supports entrepreneurship and innovation through initiatives, grants, and programs aimed at fostering growth in the technology sector.
  • Access to Talent: Dubai’s free zones and skilled visa programs make it easier to recruit and retain international talent, providing access to expertise from various regions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Dubai hosts numerous industry events, conferences, and networking forums where you can connect with potential clients, partners, and investors in the IT sector.

Steps to Obtain an IT Consultancy License

IT Consultancy
  • Consultation & Proposal: Begin with a consultation to outline license type, business activities, visa package, and office solutions.
  • Documentation: Submit necessary documents, including the license application form, passport copy, digital passport photo, Emirates ID, and visa copy for UAE residents.
  • Processing: Register shareholder documents on the portal, leading to the issuance of 2 E-legal forms for incorporation documents.
  • License Approval: The Authority approves the application.
  • MOA/AOA Process: Digital Memorandum of Agreement/Articles of Association sent for e-signatures.
  • License Issuance: A soft copy is sent via email, and the original license is available for collection from the office upon request.
IT Consultancy License

How can IFZA help?

IFZA provides numerous Free Zone company establishment benefits such as:

  • 100% ownership of commercial enterprises
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profit
  • Low taxes
  • No physical presence of the business owners is required during the company setup (incorporation) process
  • No mandatory office requirement under 4 visa allocation
  • All processes executed remotely (except medical tests and Emirates ID biometrics)
  • IFZA offers a multicultural and multilingual team that can advise on business activities
  • It offers transparent and competitive pricing
  • Professional and Commercial activities can be combined under one IFZA license
  • IFZA offers a competitive General Trading License
  • IFZA does not publicly disclose shareholders of licensed companies
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Frequently asked questions

01. What types of services can an IT consulting license in Dubai cover?

An IT consulting license in Dubai typically covers providing technical services and consultancy in the field of information technology. This includes areas like internet applications, data warehousing, and advising on suitable software.

02. Can IT consulting firms in the Dubai market produce software or related products?

No, IT consulting firms in Dubai are not entitled to market or produce any software or products related to the mentioned technology. Their focus is on providing consultancy services.

03. Is physical office space mandatory for obtaining an IT consulting license with IFZA?

No, there is no mandatory office requirement for up to 4 visa allocations under IFZA. This flexibility allows businesses to operate without the immediate need for physical office space.

04. What are some of the main IT Services that consulting firms in the UAE are looking for?

If you're starting an IT consultancy in the UAE, it's important to focus on the services that are in demand. Key areas include Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, Digital transformation, Business intelligence, and Project management. With expertise in these crucial areas, you'll increase your chances of success as an IT consultant in the UAE.

05. How can you build a client base as a newly established IT consultancy in Dubai?

Developing a client base is important for any new venture, including an IT consultancy. Consider these pointers to kickstart the process:
  • Concentrate on your specialized area.
  • Establish an online presence.
  • Engage in active networking.
  • Offer free initial consultations.
  • Seek referrals from satisfied clients.
  • Ensure exceptional service delivery.
By adhering to these guidelines, you can effectively build a solid client base for your IT consultancy in Dubai.
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