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The real estate industry is an important pillar of the UAE’s economic diversification, contributing to 8.2% of the Emirate’s GDP.  Obtaining a Real Estate Licence in Dubai is not just a legal requirement but an important step towards establishing yourself as a reputable professional in the field. As the Emirate continues to attract a steady stream of international investors and expatriates, the demand for licensed real estate agents is increasing more than ever.

To operate legally in Dubai’s real estate industry, individuals must obtain a Real Estate Licence in Dubai, this demonstrates their competency and adherence to regulatory standards. This license highlights professionalism and trustworthiness, instilling confidence in both clients and stakeholders.

With the Emirate’s commitment to fostering a transparent and investor-friendly environment, licensed real estate agents play a crucial role in facilitating transactions, protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers, and upholding industry standards.

Obtaining a Real Estate Licence in Dubai is a strategic move towards success and recognition in one of the world’s most dynamic real estate markets. As Dubai continues to attract global attention with its ambitious projects and investment opportunities, licensed professionals are positioned to thrive in this vibrant and ever-evolving landscape.

A Closer Look:

Real Estate License

Activities you can do under a Real Estate License

A Real Estate license in Dubai allows a company to engage in a wide range of trading activities. These activities may include:

  • Commercial Brokers
  • Restaurants Management
  • Project Development Consultant
  • Mortgage Consultant
  • Real Estate Buying & Selling Brokerage Abroad
  • Real Estate Consultancy (outside of UAE)
  • Leasing and Management of Other People’s Property
  • Leasing Property Brokerage Agents
  • Leasing & Management of Self-Owned Property
UAE Real Estate License

Benefits of a Real Estate License

Setting up a Real Estate company gives businesses access to a host of benefits:

  • High Property Demand: With its rapidly growing population and economy, Dubai has a huge demand for new properties. There’s always plenty of work for real estate brokers in Dubai.
  • High Earning Potential: The commission earned from selling any piece of real estate has the potential to be enormously profitable, particularly in cities like Dubai.
  • Tax Advantages: Dubai has many tax benefits and incentives for those working in the real estate industry, which can help boost your earnings even further.

Steps to Get a
Real Estate License in Dubai:

If you want to pursue an exciting career as a real estate agent in Dubai or establish your own real estate brokerage business, there are specific steps you must take:

  • Obtain a Valid Residence Permit: If you are an expat looking to start your real estate career in Dubai, you will need a valid residence permit in the UAE. IFZA Professional Partners can help you identify the right option and guide you through the application and documentation process.
  • Get RERA Certification: Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is a regulatory body of Dubai’s land department. It works to regulate Dubai’s real estate market, providing a legal framework for all parties working in the sector.
  • Obtain Real Estate License: After getting your RERA certification, you must apply for a real estate license from the Dubai Land Department (DLD). The license application process involves a few steps, including a trade name reservation, obtaining a No Objection Certificate from Dubai Economy & Tourism (DET), and submitting all the required documents.
  • Set Up Your Business: Finally, you can establish your real estate business in Dubai if you want to. The company formation process is also straightforward when you have the relevant documents.

How can IFZA help?

IFZA creates easy access for companies to establish their business and enables Dubai as a global hub to drive future growth of the economy as well as attract investment. IFZA Dubai provides fast and easy Free Zone company establishment with world-class access to global markets. IFZA provides numerous Free Zone company establishment benefits such as:

  • 100% ownership of commercial enterprises
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profit
  • Low taxes
  • No physical presence of the business owners is required during the company setup (incorporation) process.
  • No mandatory office requirement under 4 visa allocations
  • All processes executed remotely (except medical tests and Emirates ID biometrics)
  • IFZA offers a multicultural and multilingual team that can advise on business activities.
  • It offers transparent and competitive pricing.
  • Professional and commercial activities can be combined under one IFZA license.
  • IFZA does not publicly disclose shareholders of licensed companies.
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Frequently asked questions

01. What is RERA certification, and why is it necessary?

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) certification is essential as it regulates Dubai's real estate market, ensuring fair and effective operation while enforcing rules and standards.

02. Who does RERA apply to?

RERA applies to both residential and commercial real estate projects. It covers developers, real estate agents, and buyers.

03. Are there tax benefits for real estate professionals in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai offers various tax benefits and incentives for those working in the real estate industry, enhancing potential earnings.

04. Can I establish a real estate business in Dubai as an expat?

Yes, expats can establish a real estate business in Dubai after obtaining a valid residence permit and fulfilling other regulatory requirements.

05. What are the benefits of RERA certification for real estate agents?

RERA certification enhances the credibility of real estate agents by validating their knowledge and adherence to industry regulations. It instills confidence in clients and contributes to a more trustworthy real estate environment.

06. Do real estate agents business owners need both RERA registration and a business license? Or can they operate with just one of them?

Real estate agents are required to obtain RERA registration and a business license to legally operate in the real estate market.
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