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Did you know that the UAE stands out as the second-largest consulting market in the GCC region, boasting a remarkable growth rate exceeding 16.6%? This growth trend highlights the potential and opportunities available in the management consultancy sector in Dubai.

As the business landscape in Dubai witnesses escalating turnovers, companies increasingly turn to consultants for important roles, strategic adaptations, and specific tasks. This presents a golden opportunity for aspiring consultants like you, to embark on a thriving career in this dynamic market.

According to recent surveys, the global Management Consulting Services market is witnessing significant growth, with a projected expansion at a CAGR of 3.23% during the forecast period.  Moreover, 59% of client organizations across the GCC said they expect to spend more on consulting support. This highlights the growing reliance on consultancy services to drive business success and overcome challenges in a rapidly evolving market environment.

Obtaining a management consultancy license in Dubai positions you at the forefront of a thriving industry with vast growth potential. With the right expertise and guidance, aspiring consultants can capitalize on the booming demand for consultancy.

A Closer Look:

Management Consultancy License

Activities you can do under a Management Consultancy License

A Management Consultancy License in Dubai allows a company to engage in a wide range of trading activities. These activities may include:

  • Offering administrative consultancy and studies for performance improvement.
  • Analyzing existing organizational challenges and devising plans for improvement.
  • Involving procedural engineering, flow-charting, internal policy formulation, organizational restructuring, strategic plan development, innovative work procedures, and designing balanced scorecards.
Benefits Management Consultancy License

Benefits of Starting a Management Consultancy in Dubai

Setting up a Management Consultancy company gives businesses access to a host of benefits:

  • Rapid growth in number of businesses set up.
  • Optimization of processes and systems to enhance efficiency, agility, and profitability.
  • Straightforward company incorporation and enticing foreign investment opportunities.
  • No personal taxes.
  • Low corporate income taxes with exemptions for small businesses.
  • High living standards, a cosmopolitan population, and an ideal East-meets-West location make Dubai an immensely sought-after business hub.

Steps to Get a Management Consultancy License in Dubai:

Management Consultancy License in UAE
  • Consultation & Proposal: Begin with a consultation to outline license type, business activities, visa package, and office solutions.
  • Documentation: Submit necessary documents, including the license application form, passport copy, digital passport photo, Emirates ID, and visa copy for UAE residents.
  • Processing: Register shareholder documents on the portal, leading to the issuance of 2 E-legal forms for incorporation documents.
  • License Approval: The Authority approves the application.
  • MOA/AOA Process: Digital Memorandum of Agreement/Articles of Association sent for e-signatures.
  • License Issuance: A soft copy is sent via email, and the original license is available for collection from the office upon request.
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Frequently asked questions

01. What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a management consultancy license in Dubai?

To be eligible, a firm must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, or a related discipline, along with a minimum of three years of hands-on experience. The firm should focus on providing administrative consultancies and studies for performance improvement.

02. Can management consultancy firms in Dubai conduct field surveys and questionnaires without prior approval?

No, firms are not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaires before obtaining approval from the competent authority. This ensures that data collection processes adhere to regulatory standards.

03. Can a management consultancy firm in Dubai have 100% foreign ownership?

Yes, depending on the chosen business location, such as IFZA Business Park, firms may enjoy benefits like 100% foreign ownership, repatriation of capital and profits, and 0% income and corporate tax.

04. How can your Management Consultancy in Dubai help SME’s?

Your management consultancy company in Dubai can help boost the profitability of SME’s in the region by optimizing efficiency and improving overall customer experience. A management consultancy licence in Dubai allows you to innovate business processes and elevate organizational performance to drive growth and success.

05. Can a Management Consultancy based in Dubai contribute to the process of strategy formulation for SME’s?

Yes, you can help develop a strategy for your clients in the UAE. This involves creating a financial policy tailored to align with the owner’s objective, a customer service strategy aimed at achieving financial goals, an internal process strategy to ensure client's prospects are met and a business strategy to ensure excellence in essential procedures and the execution of the overall strategy.
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